New Divorce Rumours Swirl Around Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

New Divorce Rumours Swirl Around Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have ignited separate from tales, yet a source has told The U.S. Sun that not being every now and again spotted together at public occasions isn't the expected issue with their marriage.

The insider has asserted JLo, 54, and Ben, 51, might be battling with their relationship because of principal character contrasts.

A source near the Top two or three has separated a portion of the standards they offer to move their marriage along.

"The guidelines are, Jennifer and Ben are permitted to go off and do undertakings, appearances and work that totally don't include one another, and most certainly include parting ways," the insider guaranteed.

New Divorce Rumours Swirl Around Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

"These are energetic individuals who love to work, the two of them, and love to wager in themselves and the groups they have collected around themselves throughout many years.

"It's the most grounded thing about their relationship [because] they're willing to give each other a ton of room whenever an unbelievable open door presents itself.

"They are free individuals who needn't bother with to accompany each other day in and day out like a few Hollywood couples do.

"Jennifer doing the Met Celebration and Ben doing the Brady Cook doesn't look unusual to individuals who know them," the source trusted.

JLo ignited separate from tales when she went to the Met Celebration and strolled honorary pathway solo.

Bennifer 2.0: Trouble in Paradise?"The key distinction between them is that Jennifer has a fantastic brilliant hopefulness about each circumstance and Ben sees everything - and I mean the world - in his life as an issue that no one but he can tackle," the source guaranteed.

"She's great at overlooking close to nothing, inconsequential stuff and zeroing in on the 10,000 foot view and he isn't.

"Jennifer is having an obvious vocation emergency on the music side of her work and she's smoothly tending to it and keeping her fingers crossed for the most ideal result, despite the fact that things are not looking great the present moment and she's getting a portion of the most terrible press of her profession.

"However, Jennifer can deal with doing twenty emergency gatherings in a single day and it's significantly more diligently for Ben to do that since he needs to vent and check in with himself more.

"That is not changing any time soon, it's what their identity is," the insider closed.

The U.S. Sun has contacted Jennifer and Ben's reps for input.


After JLo was spotted solo at the Met Occasion, fans started to contemplate whether she and Ben were in possible profound waters in their marriage.

A source told InTouch Ben "arrived at a limit" with Jennifer and has "moved out" of their home.

Jennifer Lopez breaks cover amid Ben Affleck divorce rumors

"Ben previously moved out and they'll probably need to sell the fantasy house they endured two years looking for," the insider proceeded.

"They'll love constantly one another, yet she have no control over him, and he can't change her.

"It's absolutely impossible that it might have endured," the insider told InTouch.


JLo and Ben were locked in two times before they got hitched in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 16, 2022.

Ben previously proposed to JLo back in 2002 and had plans to marry in 2003, however the function was deferred.

At that point, the couple asserted they postponed the wedding because of media consideration, however there were likewise deceiving bits of gossip encompassing Ben.

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