4 ways effective teeth whitening at home Beauty for Women

4 ways effective teeth whitening at home Beauty for Women

Have you ever thought you would try to do your yellowed teeth become whiter yet? No need to see the dentist, but you can still simple teeth whitening in your own home. Today I would like to share with you 4 ways the most effective teeth whitening at home from natural and secure, easy to make available in your home.

How effective teeth whitening from strawberries

You can say goodbye to stain your teeth by simply using strawberries to fix teeth effectively color the best. It is used as feedstock strawberries improves color becomes whiter teeth is because of strawberries contain malic acid and vitamins C, A. These are components that remove stubborn stains on your teeth stains very good, help teeth become whiter, but you should not ignore.


 – Prepare strawberry 3-4

– Toothpaste

Mash the strawberries and mix them with toothpaste for 3 minutes. You can do this 2 times/week, there will be very effective.

How effective teeth whitening from the lemon and salt

These 2 ingredients are easy to find in your kitchen space, in addition to the 2 ingredients for spicy cuisine dishes, they are also known to many extremely useful utility that helps clean teeth whitening plaque very good. In Lemon contains citric acid which has the effect of bright white teeth very well, combined with effective disinfection Salt disinfection, clean the teeth against tooth decay is very good, especially the deodorizer can also quite effective, so should the combination of lime and salt is a great recipe gives you a whiter smile and confidence.


– Lemon: 1 results

– Salt: 1 teaspoon

Mix the lemon juice with a tablespoon of salt. You brush, brush your teeth with this mixture for 3 minutes. Rinse mouth with water. With this method, you can make 3 times/week

Note: Do not use inter-time for several days because the acidic lemon also makes eroded tooth enamel destruction. To apply properly to improve the color on your teeth whiter most properly.

The effective teeth whitening by Baking soda and lemons

This is one way at-home teeth whitening popular today, this is very common and easy to do, for high efficiency. When combining two ingredients lemon and baking soda will produce reactions forming a mild cleanser helps remove stains clean stains on teeth stained very good.

How to use: You make this as simple as following a 1 bit of baking soda to get the lemon juice in a bowl prepared then mixed

However, you should only take this approach 1 times/week, because if abuses are a prone enamel worn condition. If you feel stimulated by the gums, you should refrain from using it.

How to proceed after you follow:

– Mix the baking soda with a little fresh lemon juice. The mixture will initially rise slightly bubble. You use the swab to wipe the saliva and dental plaque from excess before applying the mixture onto the teeth. To 1 ‘then you brush your teeth as usual. Note the mixture on your teeth not to exceed one minute.

How to whiten teeth at home by strengthening eating fruit and vegetables

Apples, celery, carrots, and green vegetables all have a crispness that is very good for your teeth. Fruit or crunchy vegetables that act as a natural toothbrush. When you chew, it also removes the leftovers and bacteria in the mouth and scrubs the stains on the surface. Not only structural remove uneaten food and bacteria that acid in fruits, vegetables, and really keep your teeth whiter. For example, in apples contain malic acid (also found in strawberries) that removes surface stains. So can take advantage of the daily nutrient intake from food into at-home teeth whitening effectively.

With only 4 ways you can help on white teeth up significantly. You can apply any method that you think it is right for you. So we just went through four simple teeth whitening the way in which your home. Is it simple right? I’ve applied and succeeded, while you?

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