Blackpink Born Pink World Tour 2023: Dates, Location & Upcoming Blackpink Tour

Blackpink Born Pink World Tour 2023: Dates, Location & Upcoming Blackpink Tour

BLACKPINK, the world-renowned K-pop girl group, is currently on their first world tour! The tour began on November 10th, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea and will be traveling to cities across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Black Pink's World Tour: Blackpink Born Pink World Tour dates and cities


Fans of the group from around the world will get the chance to see their favorite group live in concert. The tour will have a total of twenty & Born Pink World Tour concerts, with nine cities in Asia, seven cities in Europe, two in North America and two in Oceania.

The tour will be visiting some of the most iconic cities in the world, including Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Tokyo. Each city will have its own unique atmosphere and experiences that the fans can enjoy. For the Asian leg of the tour, the group will be visiting Seoul (South Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Bangkok (Thailand), Manila (Philippines), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hong Kong, Jakarta (Indonesia), and Born Pink World Tour Singapore.

Exploring Mexico City, Mexico with blackpink 

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is a vibrant city filled with culture, history, and delicious cuisine. It's no wonder that this city is one of the stops on Blackpink's world tour! There's plenty for Blackpink fans to explore in Mexico City.

Fans of Mexican food should make sure to try some of the city's popular dishes, like tacos al pastor, a type of taco filled with marinated pork, or pozole, a hearty soup made with hominy, pork, and a variety of seasonings.

Explore the World with Blackpink: A Guide to Melbourne, VIC Australia Tour Highlights

Blackpink Unveils 'Born Pink' World Tour Dates – Rolling Stone


If you’ve been wanting to explore the world with Born Pink World Tour, their Melbourne, VIC Australia tour is the perfect place to start. This vibrant city is known for its amazing mix of culture, art, music, and entertainment. Here are some of the highlights you can expect to experience when you visit Melbourne. St Kilda Beach: Famous for its lively atmosphere, St Kilda Beach is the perfect place to soak up some sun, listen to some great music, and people-watch.

A Guide to Their Tour Locations - Sydney, NSW Australia Tour Highlights

Blackpink's Australian tour was a great success, with them performing multiple shows in Sydney, New South Wales. With their tour now over, we wanted to take a look back at some of the highlights of their Sydney stop.

One of the most memorable moments of the tour was their performance at the Sydney Showground. The showground provided the perfect backdrop for the group to perform their hit songs and was filled with an enthusiastic crowd. The concert was also broadcast live on television and streaming services, making it accessible to fans around the world. The band also had the chance to explore some of Sydney's iconic landmarks.

Auckland, New Zealand Tour Highlights

Blackpink is currently touring the world, and Auckland, New Zealand is one of the lucky cities to be included in the tour. With a vibrant culture and stunning landscape, Auckland is a great place to explore and offers many unique experiences.

Here are some of the highlights you won’t want to miss during your time in Auckland. The iconic Sky Tower is a must-visit for any visitor to Auckland. Standing at 328 meters tall, it offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding harbor.

Visitors can take the SkyWalk or SkyJump off the tower, or simply view the city from the observation deck. Auckland has many great beaches, but Mission Bay Beach is one of the most popular.

Explore the World with BLACKPINK: A Guide to Their Tour Locations - London, UK Tour Highlights


A complete list of Blackpink's 2023 Born Pink World Tour dates can be found here

May 12 – Singapore

June 10 – Melbourne

June 11 – Melbourne

June 16 – Sydney

June 17 – Sydney

June 21 – Auckland

July 2 – London

July 15 – Paris

August 11 – New Jersey

August 12 – New Jersey

August 18 – Las Vegas

August 22 – San Francisco

London, UK is a city full of culture, Born Pink World Tour history, and entertainment, making it the perfect destination for Blackpink's tour. During their visit to the city, the members of the K-pop group will have plenty of incredible locations to explore and enjoy.

Here are just some of the highlights of the London leg of Blackpink's tour.

  • The London Eye
  • Big Ben
  • Westminster Abbey
  • The Tower of London
  • The British Museum
  • Hyde Park

Sait-Denis, France Tour Highlights

Blackpink's touring schedule has taken them all over the world, and one of their most memorable stops was Sait-Denis, France. This city is a melting pot of culture and is home to many unique attractions that make it a great place to explore. Here are some of the highlights of blackpink world tour 2023 tour in Sait-Denis:

  • The Grand Palais
  • The Catacombs of Paris
  • Sacre Coeur
  • The Louvr

A Guide to Their Tour Locations - East Rutherford, NJ and NJ, US Tour Highlights

BLACKPINK's Born Pink World Tour Adds Australia & Mexico Dates


blackpink world tour 2023 is a South Korean girl group formed in 2016 and currently managed by YG Entertainment. They’ve become a global phenomenon with their catchy tunes and powerful performances. With their popularity at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that they’ve set off on a world tour. One of the locations on their tour is East Rutherford, NJ and NJ, USA.

East Rutherford, NJ and NJ is home to the MetLife Stadium, where blackpink world tour 2023 will be performing. This stadium is the largest in the NFL and can accommodate up to 80,000 fans. It has hosted some of the biggest acts in the world such as Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, and U2. The state-of-the-art facility boasts a huge HD video board that will be sure to provide incredible visuals for the concert.

Tour Locations - Las Vegas, NV, U.S. Tour Highlights

There are many exciting things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada. For fans of K-pop sensation Blackpink, the city is a must-see as the band has performed here on multiple occasions. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply looking to experience some of the best music and entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer, here are some of the highlights of the Blackpink tour in Sin City. The group has performed at the T-Mobile Arena, an indoor arena located on the Las Vegas Strip. The arena has a capacity of over 20,000, making it the perfect spot for an epic live concert experience. As one of the most popular music venues in the city, the T-Mobile Arena has also hosted performances from some of the biggest names in music, including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.

Blackpink also played at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, another premier live entertainment venue in Las Vegas.

World with Blackpink: A Guide to Their Tour Locations - San Francisco, CA, US Tour Highlights

San Francisco is one of the most popular tour destinations for Blackpink, and they always put on a spectacular show! At their San Francisco tour stop, they performed hit songs like “Kill This Love”, “Ddu Du Ddu Du”, “Whistle”, and many more! The audience was filled with fans of all ages, and the atmosphere was electric.

The group also took some time to explore the city, visiting the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. The members of Blackpink also made sure to take photos with the iconic trolleys that San Francisco is known for. Blackpink also took time to meet with their local fans in San Francisco.

Blackpink Tour Locations – Los Angeles (LA), CA, US Tour Highlights

BLACKPINK Announces New 'BORN PINK' Album and World Tour | Hypebeast


Blackpink’s Los Angeles (LA), CA, US tour was an event to remember. The group performed to sold-out crowds in the City of Angels and made it a night to remember. From their opening number to their encore, the audience was captivated with their energy and enthusiasm.

Here are some of the highlights from the LA tour. The tour opened with the group’s most popular single, “Ddu-du Ddu-du”. The crowd was wild and the energy was electric. The group followed up with some of their other hits such as “Kill This Love” and “As If It’s Your Last”.

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