Fashion Tips for Boys

Fashion trends for Boys

Unlike teenage girls, many teen guys are clueless when it comes to fashion. They might find it quite challenging to put together an outfit that is both comfortable and stylish. In today’s fashion world, teenage boys are faced with a wide range of clothes and styles to choose from. Choosing the right clothes and accessories can help teen guys show their individuality and enhance their confidence.

Shirts and Jackets

Teenage guys should select shirts that fit them well. Shirts that are too big can make them look untidy and unkempt. Wearing shirts that have the proper length and size can flatter their body. They can go for polos, t-shirts or button-down shirts. Polo shirts and t-shirts are ideal for everyday wear while button-down shirts can be worn on special or formal occasions. If they want to add flair to their look, they can try out cardigans, vests, or jackets with different patterns

Jeans and Khakis

Teen guys usually go for a pair of denim jeans because they find them functional and versatile. Denim is ideal for school, family gatherings or other casual occasions. Distressed or torn jeans might be the trend right now, but this type of jeans is not as practical or stylish as a simple pair of denim jeans. They should look for denim that fits them well and avoid wearing jeans that are two sizes bigger. For formal or special events that require them to dress up, they could go for khakis that are not cuffed or pleated. Cuffed and pleated khakis are considered to be out of fashion.

Mix and Match

Clothes need not be color-coordinated to match. The key here is to wear styles and colors of clothes that complement and make sense. For instance, the teen guy does not have to wear orange pants with his orange shirt; he can go for navy or dark-colored denim to match the orange shirt. He should try on colors that complement each other. When he wears clothes with patterns, he should avoid mixing two different patterns together, such as plaids and stripes. If a shirt is plaid, he should wear plain, basic jeans. He also shouldn’t wear a patterned shirt with camouflage cargo pants.

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