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There are many street style trends coming up like wide-leg jeans, black leather, corset tops, and blazers. Gender-neutral trends are also coming up. These include men in skirts and women in more masculine looks. Styles and trends from the early ‘00s have come up like embellished jeans and cargo pants.

So, let’s take a look at the best street style trends for 2022:

Corset top with cargo denim

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Cargo pants are getting trendy this fall. They become even trendier with a form-fitting top. This top can also be a corset top. Celebrities have been adding a twist to these trends by adding heels and playing with prints. Corset tops also look nice with wide-leg pants.

Athleisure pieces

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With the pandemic came the athleisure trend. And casual athleisure is here to stay it seems. Athletic-inspired pants and sweaters are worn with other prints and dressier pieces. They look comfortable and also stylish.

A crop top with a blazer and a cross-body bag


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Crop tops are in trend as always. They can be layered under blazers for a business look and also for style. You can mix in a cross-body bag for chicness.

Gender-neutral looks

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Gender-neutral looks are everywhere in street style in 2022. Men are wearing skirts. Women are coming up with more masculine outfits. These can be button-down shirts and ties.

Retro style

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The oversized blazers are being worn for street style 2022. This reminds us of ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s. Denim is being worn by both men and women as always. The denim style is getting refreshed by higher waistlines, wider legs, and lighter washes.

Oversized blazer over a miniskirt or dress

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It is a fun way to look glamorous by wearing an oversized blazer over a miniskirt or dress. It is a pulled-together look. Accessories play a key role here. So, you can wear jewelry and oversized glasses. You can carry a nice small bag.

Embellished jeans are back

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Corset tops and wide-leg jeans are a street style trend. But a new trend is coming back. It is the embellished jeans trend. It is an early ‘00s trend. You can carry this trend with some subtle jewelry.

Black leather from head-to-toe

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Head-to-toe black leather is a trend this fall. Leather can be vegan or otherwise. The term “bikercore” is becoming popular. You can choose leather from head-to-toe or you can wear a leather jacket with leather boots. This is a great trend in 2022.

Oversized sweater

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This is a soft look. You can wear a cozy sweater that is oversized. The color can be something of a soft shade like pink or purple. You can choose some bolder shades like blues too.

Cut-out lightweight pants

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You can wear cut-out lightweight pants. These are casual looks. It should not be baggy. It should be lightweight.

Cropped fitted sweatshirts

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This is a favorite trend of many. It can be a half-zip pullover. It is a cozy style. You can wear super flare leggings with the sweatshirt.

Shimmer style

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Shimmer is a fun trend. You can wear a shimmering blazer. You can wear a shimmering dress. It is a cool trend.

Animal prints

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Animal prints are a popular fashion trend. It is fun to try animal prints. Animal prints are a popular trend for men and women alike.

Oversized pants

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Oversized pants are a new fashion trend. They carry a vintage feel. They feel like you are wearing a dress. If you do not like wearing dresses, then you can wear oversized pants. They have a feminine feel in them. You can wear a crop top with oversized pants.

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