Top Best Vintage 80's Parachute Pants With Zippers Trends

Top Best Vintage 80's Parachute Pants With Zippers Trends

Well, everyone knows that the world of fashion is ever changing. Shifting from one trend to another is common. But then, there are some really iconic fashion trends which remain stand even when most of fashion styles expires. One of them is 80s parachute pants with zippers. There are variety of women pants, but these vintage parachute pants are the favourite of many!
So, if you are also a lover of 80s parachute pants outfit. Then stay tuned with us as we find out some more about these vintage parachute pants.

What was the popular brand of parachute pants in the 80s?

80s parachute pants with zippers


In the 1980s, fashion was all about bold and funky styles. One of the trendiest fashion items during that era was vintage parachute pants. These pants were designed to make a style statement. Among the many brands that created these iconic pants, one stood out as the most popular: MC Hammer's Hammer Pants.

Parachute Pants with Zippers: The Perfect Combination of Style and Comfort

Parachute pants were known for their unique and distinctive look. They were typically made from lightweight and breathable materials, which made them comfortable to wear, especially in warm weather. What set apart the 80s parachute pants with zippers were the zippers themselves. These zippers were not just for show; they added a touch of functionality and style to the pants.

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The zippers were often placed on the sides, near the ankles. They not only allowed for a more comfortable fit but also gave wearers the option to adjust the opening at the bottom of the pants. This meant you could wear them open or closed, depending on your mood or style preference. The zippers also added a futuristic and edgy vibe to the overall look of the pants.
8 Tips for Wearing Parachute Pants with Zippers
Wearing parachute pants 1990's with zippers can be a fun and stylish experience. Here are some tips to help you rock this 80s trend today:

1. Right Fit: Parachute pants should be comfortable and not too tight. They are meant to have a slightly baggy look, so don't opt for a size that's too small.
2. Mix and Match: Pair your parachute pants with a simple, fitted top to balance out the baggy look of the pants. A tucked-in T-shirt or a tank top can work wonders.
3. Shoes styles: The right footwear can make or break your parachute pants outfit. Sneakers, high-tops, or even chunky boots can complement the retro vibe of the pants.
4. Accessorizing: Go for statement accessories like chunky belts, colourful sunglasses, or even a snapback cap to enhance the 80s feel.
5. Experiment with Colours: Parachute pants were available in various colours and patterns. Do not be afraid to try bold and bright options to add a pop of colour to your ensemble.
6. Add layers: In cooler weather, you can layer your parachute pants with a cool bomber jacket or denim jacket. This adds both warmth and style.
7. Confidence: Embrace the uniqueness of parachute pants with confidence. How you are feeling in your outfit is easily reflected!
8. Modern Twist: While parachute pants are a vintage trend, you can give them a modern twist by incorporating contemporary pieces into your outfit.

What are 80s trousers called?

In the 1980s, trousers and 80s parachute pants outfit were often referred to by various names. Some of these names included:
● Hammer Pants: As mentioned earlier, MC Hammer popularized this style, so they were often called Hammer Pants.
● Parachute Pants: This term referred to the loose-fitting, comfortable pants that were inspired by the design of actual parachute materials.
● Harem Pants: Sometimes, these pants were also known as harem pants due to their baggy and relaxed fit, similar to traditional harem trousers.
● MC Hammer Pants: The rapper and dancer MC Hammer made these pants famous, so they were frequently associated with his name.
● Genie Pants: The loose and flowing design of these pants also drew comparisons to the pants worn by genies in folklore, hence the name "genie pants."

These names were used interchangeably to describe the fashionable and comfortable trousers that were all the rage in the 80s.

80s parachute pants with zippers were a standout fashion trend of the 1980s. Brands like MC Hammer's Hammer Pants made them incredibly popular. These pants combined style and comfort, with zippers adding a unique touch. Today, you can still embrace this iconic 80s trend by following some simple tips for wearing them. Whether you call them parachute pants, Hammer pants, or harem pants, they remain a symbol of the fun and bold fashion of the 80s, and they continue to make a stylish statement in the world of vintage fashion. So, go ahead, rock those parachute pants with zippers and bring back a touch of the 80s into your wardrobe!

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