Everything You Need to Know About Baddie Rubber Band Hairstyles

Everything You Need to Know About Baddie Rubber Band Hairstyles

In this article, we are going to tell you the most amazing baddie rubber band hairstyles that you can prefer for the all season. and you can know more about the rubber band hairstyles for adults white girl easily. i have put top 12 point that you can read it. 

Whenever you are feeling monotonous, the first thing you consider is to get a new hairstyle, right? At least for adults, it works well. But this hairstyling is not meant only for adults. Even little kids can have some fun with their hairstyles. Hairstyles are often associated with fashion. And who said kids can not look fashionable? Especially for little girls, the variety of hairstyling is vast. They can style their hair in many ways. Mostly because they are kids, it is fun to try new hairstyles on them. They get to use colourful rubber bands and clips which makes it even cooler. Creating trendy hairstyles is one the most fun thing to do with their hair.

baddie rubber band hairstyles


If you are mom of a little girl or someone who is looking for cool hairstyles for them then you are at the right place. In today’s article, we will discover baddie rubber band hairstyles. Stick with us to the end to get introduced to all the latest trends.

What does goddess braids look like?

Okay, if you want to know about easy baddie rubber band hairstyles then you need to understand the concept of goddess braids. They are the base of many good hairstyles which give a stunning look. Goddess braids are usually large and chunky braids that are styled close to the scalp. The throw an elegant look and is the perfect choice to channel your inner goddess. It works for both adult women and little girls. A fun fact is that these braids can be made with or without using extensions.

These braids are styled in many ways. You can either go for a single large braid or two to multiple braids. They also create an illusion of a stunning crown effect and can give you a bolder and stronger look. And when you add some rubber bands with these braids, you give foundations for a variety of baddie rubber band hairstyles for short hair or long hair.

12 Baddie Hairstyles for the little girls 2023

There are many things you can do with baddie rubber band hairstyles. Some of them are-

  1. Bubble pigtails braided- Make two large goddess braids. Secure each braid using a colourful rubber band every few inches. This would create a buddle effect in your braids.
  2. Goddess braid crown- Make two goddess braids and secure them in a form of crown using rubber bands. The hairstyle is perfect to feel like a baddie princess.
  3. Triple goddess braid bun- Three goddess braids tied at the back of your head. Gather them and make a high bun by securing it with a rubber band.
  4. Double bun goddess braids- Really easy and striking hairstyle for baddie rubber band hairstyles black girl. Using two thick goddess braids, make buns on each side and wear the most stylish and chic hairstyle to any occasion.
  5. Rubber Band rows- Start by parting your hair into horizontal rows and create goddess braids. Secure the braid in each row with rubber bands and get a unique look.
  6. Goddess braid ponytail- From the hairline to the nape of the neck, make a goddess braid and make a ponytail.
  7. Heart goddess braid- For another striking look, try this hairstyle. Create a single braid with a heart shape at the back of your head. You can use rubber bands to make the shape sturdy.
  8. Topsy tail goddess braid- One of the rubber band hairstyles for adults white girl is topsy tail. Weave a goddess braid and secure with bands. Add a twist of topsy tail by flipping the ends of the braids.
  9. Goddess braid crown with beads- Baddie rubber band hairstyles for short hair suit well with this style. Add some beads to your goddess braid to get a playful look.
  10. Zigzag goddess braid- A unique style with a zigzag partition pattern. Rest remains the same as goddess braids.
  11. Goddess braid halo- Create a goddess braid halo at the top of the head. Try making buns using the braid to add a unique touch.
  12. Mini goddess braids- Instead of single and large goddess braids, you can try many mini goddess braids using all hair.

How to do hairstyle with rubber bands?

Rubber band hairstyles are a great way to style hair for little girls. You can do hairstyles using rubber bands in following ways-

  • Ensure that hair is clean and detangled.
  • Use some moisturizing or styling product if needed.
  • Part the hair as per desire in sections.
  • Create goddess braid from the list given above.
  • Secure well using rubber bands.
  • Add on other accessories such as beads, bands and anything else of your choice.
  • Once you have created the desired hairstyle. Secure the style using rubber bands or a styling product.
  • Ensure the hair remains frizz-free and detangled.

Now you know many ways you can style your little girl’s hair. There are many other ways using which you can style hair. Try your own style and creativity to make a new hairstyle!


Is rubber banding your hair good?

Rubber bands make erosion and focus on the hair follicle a confined region, and this is the very thing that makes harm the fingernail skin layers.

What does goddess braids look like?

In the event that you're confounded regarding what goddess meshes really are, here's a here's a clue: they are basically your standard defensive cornrows, simply bigger and chunkier. The two styles are woven near the scalp, while the closures can be styled in more than one way. There are likewise goddess box meshes.

Do rubber bands damage hair?

Rubber bands might have the most impenetrable grasp ever and keep your bun or top bunch set up, they additionally wreck the most horrendously terrible sort of harm on your hair in light of the fact that getting your bun too close burdens your hair and the evacuation cycle of the Rubber bands cause hair breakage and going bald.

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