Winter 2020 Must-Haves

Winter 2020 Must-Haves

From neutral tones to colorful combinations, the year 2020 has plenty of fresh looks and bright shades. With winters around the corner, be prepared to experiment with a lot of solid colors, neutral tones, and camel colors.

Prepare to see some of the top trends that you can easily follow during the upcoming season.

1. Bright colored Blazers with Pants

Whether you have an office party to attend or a rooftop dinner with your friends, bright pop color suits never go out of fashion. Shades of red, orange, or pink will definitely elevate clothing. Add a bold clutch to your attire and a pair of heels to make it an outfit of the day.

2. Leather coats

Leather coats remain on trend this season. They are available in varied colors such as black, grey, or blue. Style it with a pair of slimline trousers and you are ready to rock the show.

3. Natural tones

Winters are all about experimenting with natural tones. Wearing natural tones has been one of the longest trends to date and it isn't going anywhere soon. Natural tones come in different attires be it turtle neck cardigans, fitted blazers, or trench coats.

4. Wide leg trousers

If you have a choice to invest in apparel, then this is it! Wide-legged trousers have been in the trend for a long time and teaming it up with a natural tone blazer, will be the cherry on the cake. To add style to your attire you can tuck the trousers into boots that shall add a funky spin on the classic outfit.

5. Cream color boots

Keep it stylish with these funky cream color boots. Team these boots with a cream t-shirt under the button down oversized black coat to add a little oomph to your attire.

6. Soft handheld bags

There are plenty of designers who are embracing soft clutches. These soft clutches are excellent for colder months and there are ways and means to wear it. You can always opt for a bright colored bag that will match with your other outfit. Hold these clutches under your arm for a maximum impact. 

7. Chain necklace with hoops

Winters are all about wearing a chain necklace and pairing it with big hoops. These are timeless in design and they work with every outfit be it traditional or western. You would always want to rock this combo, no matter where you are heading. 

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