Would You Go "Makeupless"?

Would You Go

Because I had no class in my early subject schedule at school, I decided to spend my vacant hours surfing and doing my remaining requirements for the day.

I browsed at Yahoo! Shine for some interesting fun-to-read articles about fashion and beauty and came across an article about going no makeup. It says that some men prefer women who'd go through the "hassle-free" look, being the bare face (sounds like shaving off facial hair isn't it? lol). But yeah, some men admitted that they prefer their girl to go makeup-less.

Mandy More says that her husband, Ryan Adams (musician) likes her make-free. Maybe we can put it in a way like Russell Brand (Katy Perry's husband) did with his wife's photo (posted on Twitter). I don't think he has done it just to make fun of Katy Perry. I think he appreciates Katy more than anyone else regarding going bare.

If you'll ask me whether

I'd go makeup-free, I do. There are just some days that I feel lazy putting make-up on especially when I just need to tend to our shop and just clean afterward, with no other agenda. I also go makeup-less whenever I'm at home, even when someone visits me there. I think there is really no need to do all the preparation. I'm comfortable going bare-faced even walking in malls or downtown. But sometimes I want to look extra pretty or presentable because my skin isn't perfect at all even if I rarely experience breakouts (pimples).

My boyfriend still compliments me even when I don't have makeup on. That's a good thing. I do know that too that my boyfriend likes me putting on makeup. Don't get me wrong though because I only wear a "no-makeup look". Does it still counts as going a little less bare? :D I just conceal some uneven tones to look more presentable.

I appreciate women who look good in being "all made-up", maybe because I don't know how to properly put it on... and because they just look so pretty in makeup. I don't find myself attractive at all when I put extra effort into makeup though, because it makes me look mature... or maybe its because the makeup artist just doesn't know what will look best on me, to make me look like my age or less. lol. And oh... the makeup artist I'm talking about here is when I go to the salon for makeup which is intended for special occasions.

So I'm leaving you girls and guys these questions which hopefully you'll share via comments...


Do you like or feel comfortable going makeup-less?

What about the men in your life (boyfriend, friends, brother, father...), what do they tell you about you getting all gussied-up or bare-faced?


Do you like your girlfriend, Mom, sister, friend/s going makeup-less? Why or why not?

Discuss your views in comments and helps other about it.

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