Best Way To Apply Eyeshadow: Natural Look 2023

Best Way To Apply Eyeshadow: Natural Look 2023

Eyes are your body’s replication. It is one of the features that give you gorgeous charisma. A fine outfit and make up with gloomy eyes will spoil your looks. So, it is very significant to keep your eyes beautiful. You can use the below steps as an eyeshadow guide tool.
Try the below steps to apply eyeshadow for beginners natural look. The routine eye makeup steps might be dull at times, so why don’t you go for our idea of natural looking eye makeup?

Below are the steps to natural looking eyes.

Step 1: Set the Correct Tone for Your Eyes

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An eyelid base will help reclaim freshness to the gloomy eyes. Eyelid base will also support the eye shadow to get blowout in a smooth way on the eye lids. Always use your finger to blend the eyelid base/primer. Use your ring finger for the best results.

Step 2: Shape your Eyes

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Use an eyeliner pencil and draw a base over the lids. The pencil must slide from the outer edge of the eyelid to the inner edge of the eye. Make sure that the stroke fills the gap between the lid and the lashes. Never try to draw the line in one line, instead draw short lines with the pencil. Look if there is any mess formed around the eyes and correct it. In the same shape draw small lines for the lower lid too. you can also read the eye care tips

Step 3: Add Colors to Your Eyes

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Highlight your eyes – Take a brush with great bristles and pat some highlight color on it. There’s a trick here, if you have spoiled, use the backside of your finger to eliminate the excess powder from the lids.

Choose a medium color – dab an average color on the brush and smear it on the eyelids. Outline the eyelids by starting from the external corner or the eyelid to the center and from the innermost corner to the center again.
Time for main color – If you are targeting to use natural colors on your eyelid, mix the intermediate and the main colors. And here too, the line should be from the external corner of the eyelid to the center and again from the innermost corner to the center.

Spray the rubbing alcohol until the top of the powder is well soaked and starts to puddle to fix the broken eyeshadow with the setting spray. Gently pat and press down on the powder by means of a cotton pad or tissue. If the powder is still loose, add more rubbing alcohol and endure to press decisively. Smooth out the powder to make a smooth surface. Let dry entirely before using and you are done!

Step 4: Define Your Eyes with a Liner

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Liquid Liner – Slightly draw line from the external corner and innermost corner of the eyes and slide to the center of the eyes. The line should be edgewise over the lash line to prompt the eyes more evidently and give a decent look to your eyes.

Gel Liner – This could benefit you get thick and fine lines. Take the brush and describe a line from the external and innermost corner of the eyelids to the center and broad the lines by sketching back to the outer corner.

Step 5: Create Curvy Eyelashes

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The eyelash curler plays a excessive role in curling the eyelashes in the rising direction. Place the curler at the origin of the eyelash and grip it on for 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure to get a smooth look on both the eyelashes.

Step 6: Application of Mascara

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Take a brush and drop some Vaseline on it. Now gently blow this brush on the eyelashes. This will give a sight that the eyelashes are in virtuous size. When you use the mascara for the lower eyelash, take the brush in a vertical manner and slide it from side to side.

Step 7: Outline the Eyebrows

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Eyebrows describe the outlook of the perfect face. So, you should grip it very sensibly while you work on it.

Eyebrow Pencil – Gently blow the eyebrow with the pencil to fill any spaces on the eyebrows and to outline the corners of the brow. The eyebrow strokes should start from the mid of the arch to the external corner.

Eyebrow Powder – Drop some eye shadow powder of medium color and slightly shade it across the eyebrow to portray a natural gloss. you can also read the Natural Makeup Remover tips for summer.

Eyebrow Mascara – Use a mascara of your hair color, smear that on the eyebrows from the innermost to the outermost edge. Mascara gives a lustrous look to the eyebrows and makes them even more gorgeous.

Few Tips and Tricks

Drink lots of water – drink at least 2 litres every day to have a fresh touch from within the body and to stay fresh outside.

Munch on diets with Vitamin A & Vitamin C – specially chomp on carrots, papaya, fish, oranges etc.,

Consume half a glass of beetroot juice regularly – this will make your liver to function well and add virtuous looks to your eyes.

Revive your eyes by rubbing the palms of the hands and place them on the eyes, this will give the fresh feel to your eyes

Wash off the eyes well, after a day of makeup. Wash thoroughly and pat the eyes dry with soft bath towel.

At all times use sunglasses when you are travelling on a contaminated road.

After you finished the makeup, smear a light pink colored lipstick, this will add gorgeousness to your lovely face. Follow this eyeshadow guide tool and flourish the beauty of your eyes!

So, get ready! Try your look and let us know. But for now, let your eyes do the buzz!


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