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With many festive occasions, you feel that there have to be a lot of outfits. But that’s not the case. You can mix and match. Christmas is a big festival. And what you wear for Christmas can be worn for other occasions too. There are Christmas outfits that are meant for every party. So, what you wear for Christmas can be worn for other parties too.

So, here’s is a list of events where Christmas outfits can look rocking for men:

Black Tie Dress Code

Black Tie Dress Code For Men: See Exactly How To Dress For An Event

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Sometimes, you don’t have a black tie clothing. Sometimes a dinner jacket is required and you don’t want to spend on a suit. This is because you won’t wear that suit very often. So, to make sense you have to do something. When the black tie event comes around, it is best to be prepared rather than panic. Chances are that it comes in December. The first thing is don’t rent a suit. Instead, you can go for versatile pieces that you can wear whole year. You don’t have to buy a full tuxedo for a black tie event and wear a black tie. You can start with a jacket. You can get something textured in blue that has shawl lapels. You can wear this in less formal attire.

Regular tuxedos are worn with a white shirt and bow tie. But a party is not a regular thing. You can wear a roll neck without a tie. You can wear tuxedo trousers. You can wear chinos. You can pair them with Chelsea boots.

When the invitation says black tie, this is the way you can plan and set yourself up for the modern evening. Besides this, you can wear a tuxedo blazer along with a formal dress shirt. And then, you can experiment with the tie. You can wear a normal formal tie. But to experiment, you can wear a bow tie. You can keep a matching pocket square that is of red color. You can choose a velvet and silk texture or even rayon.

Festive party

Holiday Outfits for Men - 19 Ways to Look Sharp on Holidays | Mens outfits, Party  outfit men, Christmas outfit men

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You are invited to a party and that’s a festive one. So, buy something fun and festive. You can opt for a knit with a print. The colors should match with what you have in your wardrobe. You can wear a textured jumper in a navy mix. You can wear something smart. You can wear a subtle pair of pinstripe or suit trousers in navy. It can be in soft wool or cotton blend. You can complete the look with a pair of brown leather boots. These will look smart and stylish. When the party is festive-themed, it means a lot of colors. So, don’t be miser on that part for the party. You can wear an array of colors like red, maroon, black, blue, navy, and what not. The pants can be formal, jeans, or chinos. You can wear designer blazers. The shoes have to be comfortable. This is because you have to dance.

Party at friend’s place