Pomade is a common item in most guys' bathrooms. A guy's arsenal should include pomade, one of the most versatile hair products available. Whether you have short hair, long hair, thin hair, thick hair, straight hair, or curly hair, there is a pomade for you. Pomade is not only for men of style but also for everyday guys who have preconceived notions about what type of person uses it. Your first reaction to the word pomade might be shiny, slick-back side parts or pumped-up Rockabilly pompadours. Pomades originally contained oil-based goo that shellacked your hair into place and left your hair shiny. It's still possible to find those kinds of pomades if that's what you're looking for. However, pomade has become more than just a product—it is now a whole category. Each pomade is available with a variety of textures, finishes, and effects to suit any hair type and texture. They are also available with light holds, matte finishes, creams, liquids, and other variations imaginable. There is no denying the importance of pomade for every man in light of this endless evolution. The difference between water-based pomades and oil-based pomades depends more on personal preference and style (oil-based pomades tend to be thicker and shinier). It is recommended that you wash out an oil-based pomade with conditioner first rather than shampoo since the oils in the conditioner will attract the oils in the pomade.

Below is a list of the best pomades for men that you should consider.

18.21 Man-Made Hair Pomade

With Sweet Tobacco styling pomade, hair is soft, touchable, and frizz-free while maintaining high-shine and frizz-free details. In this pomade, exclusive oils recall the aroma of Virginia pipe tobacco and the independent spirit of speakeasy lounges during the Prohibition era. A water-soluble blend of wax and elastic fibers in their high-shine pomade tames texture on thin and thick hair alike. Whether you want modern or vintage hairstyles, it allows you to refine or separate hair frizz-free. There will be no greasy residue or flakiness from this product since it is paraben-free. The superior formula of this men's pomade provides a long-lasting medium grip that is touchable and malleable. You can restyle your hair throughout the day because the strands will not become stiff. This high-quality pomade works best on short and medium-length hair, and it's great on straight, wavy, and curly hair. Featuring smoothness and high shine, this product is perfect for creating classic, structured styles.

Patricks M1 Matte Finish Light Hold Pomade

Designed for men with thin or thinning hair, this matte finish styling product provides a light hold with a matte finish. With this featherweight formula, hair shafts are instantly swollen without weighing them down and hair fall is avoided by going in smoothly. The fragrance is finished with Cologne De Vetiver. A combination of plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients of proven efficacy and high quality is in Patrick's Recovery Compound. These ingredients work synergistically to target hair loss while promoting growth and improving scalp and hair health. Free of cruelty, sulfates, and phthalates.

Bevel Hair 2-In-1 Pomade

To get started on cleaning and reducing the buildup on your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo that will not strip your hair of its natural oils. In order to keep your hair moisturized and conditioned, we recommend you use our sulfate-free Conditioner to provide you with the slip you need to detangle your curls. After that, follow it up with a 2-in-1 Pomade for a lightweight shine and heavyweight hold that will leave your beard and waves looking great. With a butter-based formula that seals in moisture without leaving a sticky residue, you'll be able to polish your look like a pro. It is infused with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, which make it extremely moisturizing.

Viking Revolution Firm Hold Pomade

Firm Hold Pomade by Viking Revolution offers the strength and hold necessary to finish modern, casual, formal, classic, slick, or messy hairstyles. Pomades are excellent for pompadours, slick backs, and side parts. The result will be a high-shine finish without the helmet hair look, so you will look as though you just left the barber. It is very easy to rinse out this hair styling product made by them, which is something I have never seen before! It is worth noting that their men's pomade also contains castor oil, a natural compound that promotes healthy hair growth. As a result of its fresh scent as well as the natural ingredients, this pomade leaves your hair feeling healthy after use, as opposed to other grooming products that can dry or damage your hair as a result of the ingredients.

Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

This clay pomade from Baxter of California is the perfect men's hairstyling product. This Clay Hair Pomade from Baxter of California contains a blend of clay and wax to give your hair a matte finish and a high level of definition with the added bonus of a no-shine matte finish. It is a matte-finish product with a sweet scent of sage and citrus, so your hair will be left smelling fresh and held in place all day long. With Baxter of California Clay Hair Pomade, you can achieve a natural appearance with a workable style that is suitable for all hair types. The hair hold and improved texture will give your hair a more creative look that will set you apart from the crowd and make you stand out from the crowd.

Jack Black Clay Pomade

Jack Black's Clay Pomade is made with PureScience® technology, which combines healing botanicals with organic ingredients to give you the best look and feel. Despite its lightweight nature, the pomade provides a stronghold and a matte finish. Made with natural oils, including tea tree oil to help reduce itching and dryness as well as lavender oil for treating split ends and brittle hair. Organic kelp is rich in minerals, while green tea leaf extract stimulates hair growth. Create the hairstyle you want by adding definition and texture with the clay. Non-greasy styling pomade allows for easy molding, sculpting, and experimenting. With water, it can be easily cleaned. No fragrances, parabens, colorants, or animal products are used. It is suitable for vegans. Tested by a dermatologist.

Aveda Brilliant™ Anti-Humectant Pomade

By repelling moisture from the hair, this satiny pomade prevents frizziness and flyaways. There is no match for this satiny pomade when it comes to humidity. Castor and rice bran oil reduce frizz and tame flyaways by repelling moisture from your hair. A major advantage of this product is the fresh, clean fragrance, which is not overwhelming or overpowering in any way. Enhances the appearance of curly hair by taming it. A great choice for humid climates. The product should be worked through the hair prior to or after styling. Moisture is repellent. Ensures that hair does not become frizzy. A satin finish is provided.

Axe Styling Classic Pomade

With a shiny finish and a medium hold, the AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade leaves your hair looking clean and fresh. Designed for short to mid-length hair, this pomade wax for men will make a great addition to your hairstyle. If you want to style your hair, a small amount of this hair pomade will go a long way - you only need a small amount of this type of hair pomade. This pomade provides perfect control without the crunch and flakes that can be found in other hair products for men. For an easy Clean Cut style, all you need to do is take a fingertip amount of the hair wax pomade, mix, rake, and comb it through. It is complemented by a full range of styling and grooming products from AXE that round out AXE's Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade for Men.

Layrite Original Pomade

Providing great hold all-day with a medium shine that rinses out easily with water, this water-based pomade is versatile and easy to use. The product has a wax-like hold and can be washed off like a gel. A water-based pomade that provides great all-day hold along with a medium shine that is easy to rinse out. The product is most suitable for hair that is fine to medium in thickness. Gives the appearance of messy wet hair (never flakes). It is characterized by a cream soda/vanilla scent.

Suavecito Pomade Firme

One thing pomade is good for is wrangling your hair into whatever shape you want. Pomades with strongholds can easily control even the thickest and unruliest hair. With their awesome-smelling water-based pomades, you can keep your hair in place all day long, or into the night if necessary. Their creamy consistency provides a fierce grip for slick backs, pompadours, side parts, or any hairstyle you desire. Just water and no extra effort are all that's needed to wash them out, leaving your hair feeling just as it did before you applied them.

Byrd Slick Pomade Flexible Hold Medium Sheen

Designed to resemble the gentleman surfer, Byrd products harken back to an era when grooming was a daily ritual. With a nod to 1960s American surf culture, Byrd's products were designed not in cubicles nor tested in factories but from men's on-the-go lifestyles. A light, medium-hold styling pomade with a natural shine, Free Byrd offers a light-medium hold. The matte pomade gives your hairdo a medium hold and added texture. Natural-looking finish leaves your hair looking effortlessly groomed without looking drab. Stylish, hassle-free, and perfect for everyday use. Regardless of the type of hair, this product can be used. A key component of the Dirty BYRD formula is its solubility. With just water, the build-up-free formula will wash away easily from your hair. This product is sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free.

R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse

Designed to create second-day texture and separation while retaining the body. Suitable for creating second-day looks, this mousse creates texture and separation while maintaining the body. It works well on both wavy and curly hair. It is suitable for studiously messy hairstyles of any length or type. The fragrance is characterized by a bright, earthy composition. It contains Sicilian Lemon, Tangerine, Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Tree Moss, Crisp Amber, and Tree Moss. This mousse is vegan and cruelty-free. Apply a small amount to the palms of your hands and warm before evenly spreading through damp or dry hair.

Malin + Goetz Hair Pomade

Matte, pomades give the illusion that your hair is free of product. Natural color and texture will show through because it won't make your hair shiny. With this creamy pomade, you can tame frizz, add texture or volume, or keep your hair in shape all day without looking like you tried too hard. Natural beeswax and fatty acids (meadowfoam seeds, cannabis sativa seeds, and soybean oils) in their firm-hold styling pomade promote volume, shape, separation, and texture while strengthening hair. This product is suitable for all types of hair and scalp, including processed and color-treated hair. The fragrance and color are natural. Animal-free.

American Crew Pomade

This is a moisture-rich cream pomade that provides a classic slicked-back look while taming the hair leaving a high-shine finish. A classic, slicked-back look is achieved with this product if you want textured definition, frizz-free hair, and a classic, slicked-back look. The hold is medium and the shine is high. This product is good for moisturizing and conditioning the hair while taming it for a classic, slicked-back look with no frizz. As a market leader in the field of Men's Grooming, American Crew is a name to be reckoned with. In order to enhance men's personal image, American Crew is committed to elevating men's style on a regular basis.

Oribe Silverati Illuminating Pomade

Oribe's Silverati Illuminating Pomade offers you the ability to style and revitalize dull hair. This pomade is specially formulated to tame hard-to-manage hair, such as gray hair, white hair, and silver hair, while also leaving a soft and flexible finish on the hair. In order to improve hair manageability, conditioning agents rejuvenate brittle strands so they feel softer and shinier. Besides adding strength to the hair, the pomade also helps to reduce breakage as it strengthens the hair and helps to reduce frizz and flyaways as well. As part of the brand's Signature Complex, the hair is protected from stress, photoaging, and deterioration of the natural keratin in the hair.

Scotch Porter Smoothing Hair Balm

With the Scotch Porter hair balm, you can add texture to your hair and tame and eliminate frizz on any hair type, including waves, textured hair, and curls. There is nothing like this product to make your hair feel soft, shiny, and smooth. This conditioner is designed to condition your hair without causing damage to it. The ingredients of this premium hair balm for men are not derived from animals, nor have they been tested on animals. It contains no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or synthetic pigments and is free from parabens as well as sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or mineral oil. This is a great product for all types of men's hair, whether it is thick, curly, wavy, natural, or textured. Biotin, a water-soluble B complex vitamin, is encapsulated in liposomes for enhanced absorption. The high erucic acid content of Abyssinian oil seals in moisture and protects your strands from dehydration. Moisturization, barrier function, and overall hair health are all improved with kale protein blends. The scent of this invigorating hair moisturizer includes notes of eucalyptus, citrus, bergamot, cardamom, lavender, geranium, amber, cedarwood, patchouli, and musk.

Baxter Of California Hard Cream Pomade

Featuring a lightweight, solid formula with a low-shine finish, this styling cream gives hair textured definition and a stronghold. With its paraben-free formula, this product is perfect for people with medium to thick hair types. It can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair at any time. Pomade with a natural finish and a firm hold. This lightweight, solid styling cream is crafted with natural ingredients, so it provides textured definition and strong hold for hours, leaving your hair looking naturally polished with a natural, low-shine finish.

Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

90 This pomade provides a strong, lasting hold while still allowing you to run your hands through it. Apply a dime-sized dollop to towel-dried hair and emulsify it with your hands. This product contains no parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes. It's not for those who are looking for a reflection. It leaves your hair with a sleek, matte finish that is free of frills and shine. In terms of its effectiveness in conditioning and thickening hair, hops are an excellent thickening agent that helps increase the volume of hair, reducing the appearance of shiny hair and flaky scalps. Having a good look and feeling good go a long way. There is no castor oil or grease in this product. There is no need to rinse this styling pomade as it is water-based. Tonka beans are infused in this product, which leaves hair with a semi-sweet scent similar to vanilla.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Deluxe Pomade is designed for the discerning gentleman who has a specific style in mind. High pompadours, side parts, and slick backs are perfect examples of timeless, classic looks. Since launching in 2008, Deluxe Pomade has earned itself a cult following as the first hair pomade in the Uppercut Deluxe range. Hair of all lengths and types responds exceptionally well to Deluxe Pomade. Any type of hair can benefit from the pomade, whether it is thin, thick, curly, or straight. Controlling stubborn or unruly hair is easy with this product. Water soluble, Deluxe Pomade is easy to remove. This versatile pomade is a must-have for your styling arsenal. A tight, classic style can be achieved by using the CT5 Comb to define and shape your hair from root to tip.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Pomade

Your best self emerges as soon as you leave the barbershop. There is nothing worse than getting a great haircut only to be unable to recreate the same look each day. This water-based pomade gives you barber-grade performance at home, with a high shine, a firm hold, and a natural scent. There are no grease stains here. In addition to being difficult to wash out, oil-based pomades strip your hair of its natural oils, causing breakouts on your forehead and scalp. Water-based pomade can be easily washed out, will not damage your hair, and will not clog your pores.