The 10 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands For Men All Time

The 10 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands For Men All Time

Looking for sustainable and ethical men's clothing? The topic of men's sustainable fashion focuses on women's clothing. But there are some great ethical brands creating sustainable menswear. We will share our favorites with you in this article.

What is sustainable fashion?

Men's sustainable fashion is the umbrella term that encompasses all the other conscious terms you hear, like ethical fashion, slow fashion, eco fashion, slow mode, etc. In general, for an item of clothing to consider “sustainable,” it must be friendly, made, durable and affordable. Of course we could add more features to this piece, but these are essential for a future buy.

The 10 best sustainable men's clothing brands of all time

men's sustainable fashion


1. Patagonia

Known for its nature lovers. Patagonia is the perfect place for those who love camping, hiking or sunbathing. With fair labor practices. safe working conditions and a responsible attitude towards the environment. every link in the Patagonia supply chain reflects the brand's philosophy of doing no harm.

2. Pact

Pact is a sustainable clothing brand based in Boulder, Colorado, specializing in high-quality basics, all sourced from owned factories and produced certified solidarity. they are 100% certified. Percentage grown . If you are looking for men's underwear. Pact is the right place for you.

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3. Tentree

Are you looking for an item of men's clothing that gives you something back? (Let's say ten times faster). The Canadian company prioritizes investments in regenerative agroforestry systems to combat climate change and support positive impacts on farmers and ecosystems.

4. Asket

O'Connell recommends Swedish men's basics brand Asket for its transparent supply chain and raw material selection. Deputy editor Louis Cheslaw is also a fan because he is realistic and open about his goals.

5. Nisol

Nisolo, a Nashville-based leather footwear brand, is a certified B Corporation. meaning it meets the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, accountability and transparency.

6. Taylor Stitch

For the man who loves all that California has to offer. discover Taylor Stitch, a classic brand dedicated to elegant, timeless clothing.

For the man who loves all that California has to offer, discover Taylor Stitch. a classic brand dedicated to elegant, timeless clothing.

7. Levi's

If you're looking for new men's jeans, Levi's is the place for you. The brand, synonymous with denim, also focuses on sustainability and correct production, reducing water consumption, recycling and reusing old and vintage jeans.

8. Allbirds

While Allbirds is best known for its made shoes, its mission extends to apparel as well. Made from natural materials like Tencel Lyocell pulp and merino wool, as well as sourced crab shells, Allbirds t-shirts, sweaters and outerwear are soft to the touch, super comfortable and durable. Additionally, Allbirds, in partnership with Soles4Souls, donates returned or used shoes to communities in need.

9. Staiy

What we like: Staiy is a sustainable online marketplace offering a selection of ethical and responsible brands. You can shop by brand, product type, or values such as pollution-free, recycled, plastic-free, and organic.

10. Ably

Makes cotton and linen basics, pajamas, jackets and hats using its bespoke Filium technology. This bluesign-certified finish repels sweat and stains and dries liquids without releasing chemicals.

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Why should you support sustainable men's clothing brands?

We should avoid fast fashion brands and start supporting sustainable clothing brands by loving what we have or buying second hand clothes.


What was the first sustainable clothing brand?

And then, in 1996, it became one of the first to wear only organic clothes. Some products. Cotton. And then there was People Tree, founded in 1991, a brand that pioneered sustainable men's fashion brands because it didn't respond to growing concerns about sustainability. but was develop with people and the environment in mind.

Is Goodfellow and Co sustainable?

Our latest initiative. Goodfellow Green Production, uses friendly products and processes to save energy and conserve natural resources.

Who is most likely to buy sustainable clothing?

Generation Z and Generation Y Value Consumers are placing more and more importance on sustainability in their clothing consumption habits. Among Millennials, 63% are willing to spend more on men's sustainable fashion products than traditional items (Piggott, 2022).

What Gen Z thinks about fast fashion?

ThredUp report says Gen Z cannot resist fast fashion despite its enduring values. About one in three members of Gen Z reported feeling addicted to fast fashion, and 45% of college students said it is difficult to resist the temptation offered by fast fashion. Which age group buys fast fashion the most?

It is now clear that members of Generation Z are the biggest offenders of fast fashion. Half (49%) of young people aged between 18 and 23 shop more than once a week. By comparison. over a quarter (28%) of people aged 24 to 30 (Millennials) shop more than once a week, a big difference

How do you know if a fashion brand is sustainable?

One of the quickest ways to determine if a sustainable clothing brand is reliable is to check if it has certifications. As customers demand transparency. companies must friendly documentation by Fair Trade.

Which clothes are less sustainable?

Polyester, acrylic, viscose, nylon and conventional cotton are the least durable fabrics. Polyester is often used in clothing and most polyesters are not biodegradable, so if they end up in a landfill it could take up to 200 years to decompose.

What are They? What are the disadvantages of sustainable clothing?

  1. They need to introduce to the market.
  2. Most durable men's clothing brands is generally more expensive.
  3. The danger of greenwashing.

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