2023 Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty: Natural Hair Show

2023 Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty: Natural Hair Show

World Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show is a show presented by Taliah Waajid. It is a cultural movement and not a hair show. It will take place on April 22-23, 2023. The convention center is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It aims at changing society’s views about black beauty and culture. There are exhibitions of their beauty and natural hair. There are full of knowledge workshops and panels. There are conversations that educate and inspire the people. There are community work for personal wealth generation. There is a lot of music & Awards.

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There is Hall of Nature which has more than 250 vendors. There you will find hair and beauty products, fashion, art, and health. You can get free hair services. Some hair services come at easy prices. About 80% of the business is owned by black community. There are live panels, workshops on business, funding, and entrepreneurship.

There is a segment called Men’s Den. Here, there are good-quality men’s products. There are free barbering services. Some of these are at easy prices. There are interesting competitions like Best Beard Competition, video games, and chess. There is a main stage entertainment. There is live entertainment, beauty, and competitions. There are some DIY hair workshops. You can learn how to keep your hair healthy and style your hair. There is also a children’s corner. Here, you will find rock climbing walls, face painting, and products for children.

There are hair and barber services. These are both free and discounted. You will get hair care tips. There is a section Wellness Way. You can do yoga there. And there are products, services, and healthy motivation. You will get to know about healthy food, exercise, and wellness.

Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream

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There is a product from Taliah Waajid called Taliah Waajid’s Curly Curl Cream. It defines curls. It can give wavy hair. It adds moisture. It eliminates frizz. It conditions the hair. It nourishes the hair. It gives shiny hair. It holds hair in There is a product from Taliah Waajid called Taliah Waajid’s Curly Curl Cream. It defines for long time. When you wash your hair, then they get shampooed easily. And there is no residue. To use this product, use your fingers to apply smoothly. And then your curls will get defined, shaped, and styled. You can use it after using conditioner.

Before using this product, you can prime or prep your hair with Taliah Waajid’s Intense Moisture Bamboo and Coconut Milk Strengthening Leave-In. Then make sections in your hair in terms of quadrants. Then, apply Curl Cream in each quadrant. Use a quarter-size amount. Then, distribute it evenly. Then, separate the curls. Your hair will be moisturized and frizz free. The curls will stay defined till the next hair wash.

This Curl Cream is thick and heavy. It has an herbal scent. It doesn’t have a strong scent. It gives moisture. It defines and holds the hair. It gives them shine. For those with thin hair, there is a lighter version called Curly Curl Creamy Hair Lotion. It is very lightweight. It is in the form of a mousse. It gives a hold to the hair.

The most important ingredient of this Curly Curl Cream is shea butter. It makes the hair soft. It seals the cuticle. It makes the hair shinier. It is non-greasy. It is an herbal hair cream.

Taliah Waajid Products for Low Porosity Hair

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You can use leave-in conditioners for low porosity hair. Taliah Waajid has the Taliah Waajid Shea-Coco Condition Daily Leave-In Conditioner. This leave-in conditioner has a shea-coco formula. It contains shea butter and coconut oil. There is vegetable glycerin also. It reduces shrinkage. This will make the hair soft. This will moisturize the hair. Low porosity hair require light and watery leave-in conditioners. These should have low to no protein. Low porosity hair have a lot of protein. After you hair is treated with water and moisture, then you need to seal it using this leave-in conditioner. This leave-in conditioner makes the hair manageable. It makes it easier to style your hair and there isn’t any tangle. It locks in moisture. The hair won’t break. There is better length retention. And your hair grow. Because low-porosity hair have a lot of protein, they need light products. Use gentle products for low porosity hair.