Makeup For Beginners Kit: Natural Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step

Makeup For Beginners Kit: Natural Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step

Hello all beauty enthusiasts! We all have been surrounded by the makeup magic. The secret portion is all about good blending. Just a simple swipe of colours and the canvas turns into masterpiece. Make up has become a really important part of our lives.  All our daily life is vastly affected by makeup. There were times when makeup was reserved for only the special occasions. But now the times have changed. Makeup has become an everyday life. The status from occasional affair has risen to daily affair. For many, it has become the daily ritual. However, makeup is not about hiding one's flaws. But it is more about expression of oneself.

The history goes back to the Egyptians. Who were the pioneers of using kohl and learned to define their eyes. Using berries for the lips. Well, quite fast forward, isn't it?

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Moving on to today. When the makeup has become an art in itself. But the art is not an easy one. It takes good skills of contouring and blending to get the desired results. Not easy for everyone. It may take up lots of skills and days of practice. But you have nothing to worry. Because we have curated this article specially for you. This article will help you learn all essential skills of makeup as we will give a guide to easy make up tutorial for beginners.

10 Ideas for Making a Tutorial for Beginners

make-up tutorial for beginners


If you are also an enthusiast for makeup, then you are in here for a treat! Here are some creative ideas for you start with your makeup journey with this natural makeup tutorial for beginners step by step.

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  1. Basic natural: Start with the basics. Do not dive into the depth of smoky eyes or party glam. Keep it natural and keep it basic for the beginning.
  2. Skin preps: The first step of any tutorial. Creating a good base of skin for the makeup is the essential part of makeup journey. Prep your skin well with primer and other steps before getting started.
  3. Face base: Once you are done with your skin preps, the next step for you should be the base preps. Understand the skin tone and it's need and prepare accordingly.
  4. Easy eye routine: Since eye plan an integral part of whole makeup routine. Glamming up the eyes become must. But remember to keep it basic and easy in the beginning. Minimal is the best for your good start.
  5. Liner game: The tricky part of the makeup journey is the liner. It can be really complicated and sometimes, annoying! Getting your hand to practice good, winged liner is difficult but not impossible.
  6. Contour and highlight: The art of contour and highlight is an important one. It can help you enhance the facial features and give radiant glow.
  7. Eyebrow: The are basically the frame of your face. Shaping and filling them is a part of grooming. Learn about the various products needed for it and get started!
  8. That one party look: Yes, having a one party or festive look should be there in your tutorial. Once you have understood the basics, take an upper notch and get some glam added to it. Once you have mastered one look, you will gradually move on to others.
  9. The no makeup- makeup look: Less is more, isn't it? It is one of the essential looks. Specially for everyday wear these looks go best.
  10. 10. Tools guide: Well, yes, no makeup can be done with good tools. Have a good set of brushes which will be used in various techniques and some other needed tools.

How to apply makeup step by step?

make-up tutorial for beginners


Make-up tutorial for beginners is made easy with the step-by-step guide made specially for you. Here is your make up tutorial for beginners’ step by step.

Step 1

Prep your skin by cleansing it, exfoliate, if required and then moisturize. After that evenly cover your skin with primer.

Step 2

Get a foundation that suits your skin tone. Apply dots and blend it using a good blender.

Step 3

Conceal your skin using concealer and cover all the blemishes or under eye circles.

Step 4

Set all the applied makeup using the setting powder.

Step 5

Prep your brows and define them. Groom them and fill using pencil or powder.

Step 6

Eye makeup should be the next step. As per your mood or choice, get done with eye makeup and finish it off with liner and mascara.

Step 7

Using blush and bronzer on your cheeks and sharp bones to highlight and give a shape to your face. And lastly finish off your look using a desired lipstick.

What should be the first step of makeup?

Skin preps! Always! Make-up tutorial for beginners can be challenging but remember that no makeup up can set well if the skin is not ready. Cleanse your skin thoroughly and exfoliate if needed. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized in order to achieve the desired makeup look. If your skin is not ready, then you will probably ed up getting flaky and uneven makeup look. 

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