Which celebrity wears the most expensive watch in the world?

Which celebrity wears the most expensive watch in the world?

Established in 2001 by French business visionary Richard Mille close by prime supporter Dominique Guenat, the brand immediately earned respect for its 17-piece restricted release first drop, the RM 001 Tourbillon. The brand's vision was to make watches that pushed the limits of horological designing as well as remained at the combination of elite execution sports and state of the art innovation.

Throughout the long term, Richard Mille watches have caught the creative mind of knowing gatherers and big names the same, procuring a standing as the embodiment of extravagance and complexity. From famous games figures to Hollywood Superstars, the charm of a Richard Mille watch is inevitable, particularly among big name circles. As images of accomplishment and yearning, these rich embellishments have become sought after treasures for the's who of the world, regardless of whether that possession accompanies steady mindfulness.

So esteemed is claiming a RM creation today that the brand is dealing with one remarkable issue: It reports probably the biggest quantities of burglary worldwide. Addressing the New York Post, Christopher Marinello, Chief and organizer behind London-settled Workmanship Recuperation Global expressed, "Out of nowhere, increasingly more of these top of the line Richard Mille watches fired appearing taken, being accounted for to me each and every week, from places to get-away like Monte Carlo, Milan, London, and New York."

One of the more open cases is of Equation 1 Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr, who was denied of his RM 67-02 Alexander Zevrev, esteemed at USD 629,717, while he was all the while praising his success at the 2023 Italian Great Prix at Monza.

Peruse on as we investigate the universe of big name Richard Mille watches, profound jumping into the accounts behind and costs of probably the most costly and luxurious watches made.

The Most Expensive And Luxurious Richard Mille Watches Owned By Celebrities

1. Michelle Yeoh: RM 07-01 ‘Intergalactic’

Michelle Yeoh has a killer watch collection | British GQ

Michelle Yeoh's organization with Richard Mille started with an opportunity presentation by her accomplice, Jean Todt, quite possibly of the most productive figure in engine hustling and the previous overseer of Scuderia Ferrari. Yeoh, known for serious areas of strength for her, persona, tracked down a moment association with the brand's intense and creative way to deal with watchmaking. In a meeting with Richard Mille, Yeoh described, "I used to just wear extremely large, manly watches on the grounds that for me it is an assertion. A watch isn't just about giving the current time. I disagree that ladies ought to just wear little watches."

The cooperation between the two powers appeared as RM 051, a watch that consistently mixes gems feel with state of the art specialized execution. The RM 051 highlights a baseplate produced using onyx, representing strength and versatility. At its heart lies a jewel covered phoenix, a legendary image of resurrection and restoration, which moves together as one with the watch's unpredictable instruments. This mix of emblematic embellishing components and specialized ability epitomizes Yeoh's vision of a watch and oozes power.

Yeoh's liking for Richard Mille watches was additionally exemplified when she decorated her Schiaparelli outfit with the RM 07-01 'Intergalactic' watch at the Screen Entertainers Society grants in 2023. Leaving a mark on the world as the primary lady of Asian plunge to win the honor for Best Female Entertainer, Yeoh's watch choice particularly mixed her affection for haute horology and high fashion. The RM 07-01 'Intergalactic' encapsulates the brand's mark tonneau case configuration, supplemented by cutting edge materials like Carbon TPT, known for its lightweight and sturdy properties. It's embellished with jewels and elements the CRMA-2 development with 50 hours of force hold.

2. Rafael Nadal: RM 27-03 Tourbillon

In the event that there's any sportsperson who requirements to check his time in style, it's, as a matter of fact, Rafa! Rafael Nadal's underwriting of the RM 27-03 Tourbillon raised this watch to notorious status inside the circle of superstar Richard Mille watches. Planned explicitly to endure the afflictions of expert tennis, this unprecedented watch consolidates state of the art innovation with remarkable craftsmanship. It's additionally the watch he wore while gathering his third US Open prize in 2017.

The RM 27-03 Tourbillon highlights a lightweight development accomplished using imaginative materials, for example, carbon TPT and Quartz TPT, guaranteeing most extreme solace and sturdiness during serious matches. With a sticker price of roughly USD 750,000, this watch clearly doesn't come modest. Nadal's decision to wear the RM 27-03 Tourbillon grandstands his appreciation for fine craftsmanship as well as builds up Richard Mille's standing as a brand inseparable from greatness in sports extravagance. His assortment is overflowing with a few pieces from the brand and thus prompted a joint effort between the two forces to be reckoned with.

In a meeting with Mille, the watchmaking virtuoso added, "When Rafael met Richard Mille in 2008, he would have rather not worn a watch and it unquestionably hadn't seemed obvious him to wear one during his matches. Nadal was impervious to the thought and it required Richard a long investment to persuade him. Together, they fostered the world's lightest tourbillon at the hour of its delivery: the RM 027 - the primary watch to bear the Lord of Earth's name."

3. Pharrell Williams: RM 52-01 Tourbillon Skull and RM88 Tourbillon Smiley

Pharrell Williams' Watch Collection Including Multiple Richard Milles

With regards to possessing an insightful scope of Richard Mille watches, scarcely any VIPs come as close as Pharrell Williams. En route to becoming one of the greatest music makers and the Men's Inventive Head at Louis Vuitton, the 'Cheerful' vocalist got a few cycles of the RM Winder, two of the most luxurious being the Skull and the Smiley.

As boisterous extravagance would have it, Pharrell wore the 50-piece restricted release RM88 Tourbillon Smiley while doing a mukbang meeting on YouTube. With an easygoing sticker price of USD 1.2 million, the ceramic and gold watch included elaborate parts like a blossoming bloom, the beams of the sun, a delicious pineapple, a cactus, a pink flamingo, and a rainbow of brilliant varieties.

4. Jackie Chan: RM057 Dragon Tourbillon

Benefiting from the elegant coordinated effort between two trailblazers, Richard Mille and Jackie Chan's assortment brought about one sublime, restricted version watch, the returns of whose business went to the 'Mythical serpent Heart's Establishment' in China. The RM 057 Winged serpent Jackie Chan remains as a demonstration of the combination of horological greatness and Chinese social legacy. This unprecedented watch includes a complex mythical serpent theme, fastidiously created in gold and jewels, representing influence, strength, and favorable luck.

The RM 057 Winged serpent Winder Jackie Chan exhibits the brand's devotion to craftsmanship and development, with its intricate development housed inside an outwardly dazzling case fixed with valuable gemstones. Valued at roughly USD 1.2 million, this watch isn't simply an exorbitant extra, it's an indication of tranquil, strong extravagance. By wearing the RM 057 Mythical beast Jackie Chan at the Oscars in 2017, Chan gave proper respect to his foundations as well as built up the situation with big name Richard Mille looks as desired treasures for ardent authorities.

5. Neymar Jr.: RM 68-01 ‘Cyril Kongo’ Tourbillon

Neymar Jr.'s Richard Mille RM68-01 Tourbillon 'Cyril Kongo' - Sup

Brazilian football sensation Neymar Jr's. strength have a few Richard Milles at his disposal however the RM 68-01 'Cyril Kongo' Tourbillon brings back home the award for being the most garish. In 2016, Richard Mille and road craftsman Cyril Kongo teamed up to create the amazing watch that charmed crowds with its energetic varieties and praise to spray painting society. Each watch in the restricted release series was fastidiously hand-painted by Kongo himself, exhibiting his one of a kind imaginative vision and dominance of the specialty. The cycle, which assumed control north of a time of trial and error, brought about a powerful combination of contemporary craftsmanship and haute horology.

The RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo claimed by Neymar Jr. highlights a striking plan, with the development's baseplate looking like a sprinkle of paint frozen moving. From each point, the watch oozes dynamism and energy, suggestive of the wild brushstrokes tracked down in road workmanship paintings. Encased in NTPT Carbon and dark ceramic, the watch pushes the limits of mechanical designing as well as fills in as a material for Kongo's expressive craftsmanship.

6. Jay-Z: RM 056 Blue Sapphire and RM 56-01 Tourbillion Green Sapphire

Hip-bounce head honcho Jay-Z's fondness for extravagance watches comes quite a while really taking shape. Assuming anything shouts selectiveness in the realm of horology, it's claiming modified colourways of your #1 Richard Mille and Jay-Z's bank balance permits him to do exactly that.

His most worn cycles are his two RM 056 watches enhanced with blue and green sapphires. Each unprecedented watch includes a straightforward sapphire precious stone case, offering a brief look into the multifaceted mechanics of the development inside. Created from the best materials and embellished with perfect subtleties, the RM 056 is a genuine work of art of horological imaginativeness. With a sticker price surpassing USD 1.5 million, this watch is an image of Jay-Z's unrivaled achievement and inclination for stand-out watches.

7. Nelly Korda: RM 07-04

Richard Mille brand partners and sisters Nelly and Jessica Korda mark  launch of RM07-04 Automatic Sport in Singapore | Options, The Edge

Nelly Korda's climb in the realm of expert golf is out and out astounding, moved by her natural ability and steady commitment to the game. Naturally introduced to a group of competitors, with the two guardians and her sibling succeeding in tennis, Nelly decided to manufacture her way on the green, rapidly becoming famous with noteworthy triumphs right off the bat in her profession. Her achievements, remembering various LPGA wins and remarkable exhibitions for renowned competitions, have hardened her status as perhaps of the most splendid ability in ladies' golf.

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What is the No 1 most expensive watch?

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However at that point PP proceeded to make the Grandmaster Ring in different creations. Jay Z has the white gold form, which goes around $2.5 million, as per reports. Comparable watches are going for almost $8 million on the optional market.

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