Capsule Wardrobe is a small collection of clothes assembled in different ways. This is done so that they can be worn in different ways. It includes everything that you would normally wear. It is a minimalist and simplified approach keeping style in mind. It can also be called a mixing and matching of clothes. It is a thoughtful collection of clothes. With interchangeable items, you can create a number of outfits from the same set of clothes.

So, let’s get started with creating a capsule wardrobe:


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Decluttering is something that is the first step towards creating a capsule wardrobe. Decluttering frees you from physical and psychological stress. It is a part of spring cleaning. So, you have to remove clothes that you don’t need anymore. This clearing of clutter gives you an opportunity to build a capsule wardrobe with clothes you love.

So, you can part with clothes that don’t fit you anymore. You can remove things you don’t like. Some may be just very similar clothes. Some may not fit with your skin tone or body type. Some may be stained or damaged and can’t be repaired.


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Now, you need to clear some space in your wardrobe and organize things like:

  • Denim
  • Bottoms
  • Tees
  • Tops
  • Sweaters
  • Dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Coats
  • Jackets


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Here, you need to look for quality pieces that are versatile and functional. A functional clothing would be the one that is wearable, practical, and useful. It should be in sync with your lifestyle. A versatile clothing can be mixed with other clothes, styled in various ways, and worn in different occasions.

When you are choosing items in terms of functionality, you have to think about the item’s fabric, length, silhouette, and sleeves. Also, look for how easy is it to carry, maintain and wash. When you are choosing items in terms of versatility, you have to see how easy is it to mix and match with other clothes. And also, if you can wear it to different occasions.

The capsule wardrobe has to be built for a particular season. You can choose your favorites and eliminate similar looking clothes. You can always identify and add what’s missing.


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Denim is a foundation piece of a capsule wardrobe. In denim, there are different washes. There are dark wash, medium wash, and light wash, black and blue color. So, you can have different washes in your denim pieces. This will ensure versatility. Look for brands that fit you. See the styles that fit you. If you don’t have a denim jeans that you love, you can go fashion stores to buy. You can see the brands, styles, and washes that you like the most. Try some premium denim too. They maintain their shape and fit over time. If you have many pieces of a particular style or wash, you can keep the best ones and reject the ones that are not in good condition.

You can keep dark skinny jeans, mom jeans, straight-leg jeans, wide-leg jeans, black, white, or beige denim, and denim shorts.


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Now, if you are choosing bottoms, you have to choose those that fit well and are comfortable. Choose those that are wearable with different tops, jackets, and sweaters. Neutrals are more versatile than printed ones. Some bottoms can be worn in all seasons, but there are different bottoms for different seasons. For summers, you would have lighter and loose trousers and for winters, you would have heavier trousers.

If you bottoms with similar colors and styles, you can part with the bad ones and keep the best ones.

To build a capsule wardrobe, you can keep black trousers, lighter colored trousers, and cotton shorts, skirts which can be knee-length, midi skirt, or maxi skirts.


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You should also have good tees. Have tees that can be worn alone. Also keep tees that can be layered with tops, sweaters, or jackets. If you have multiple tees in the same color, you should keep the best ones. You can reject those that are not in good condition.

You would need tees of the color white, gray, beige, colored, black, and printed tees also.


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You should have tops that can be mixed and matched with bottoms. And alos, those that can be easily worn with shoes and accessories. Look for both neutrals and printed and bold colors. Neutrals are more versatile than printed ones.

You can keep short-sleeve top, silk top, white button-down, and denim shirt.


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Sweaters are a great layering option. They are also great transition items. You would have different sweaters according to seasons like lighter sweaters and cardi for summers hat and knitwear for winters. You should also have neutral sweaters.

Dresses and Jumpsuits

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Look for sleeveless and short-sleeved neutral dresses. You can keep midi-length dresses. You can have a little black dress. It is like a staple. You can also keep a long dress. You can also keep floral and printed dresses in your capsule wardrobe.

Coats and Jackets

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Coats and jackets are essential layers in winters. Look for versatile jackets. Look for jackets that you can wear most of the time. Also have a look at weight and color.

You should have a versatile blazer, denim jacket, lightweight jacket, mid-weight jacket, leather jacket, fleece jacket, faux fur jacket and heavy coat.


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You should have a variety of shoes. These can be white sneakers, heels, flats that can be worn every day, flip flops, strappy sandals, and boots like knee-high boots. These should be paired with accessories like a nice bag.

Create Outfits out of these

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Begin with a pair of bottoms, and you will see that you can make an outfit with your tees, tops, and sweaters. You should also pair the outfits with the right accessories and shoes. You can take ideas from Pinterest for creating outfits.


There are many benefits of creating a capsule wardrobe. It makes it easier for you to decide upon what to wear for any occasion. So, you can make decisions faster. A capsule wardrobe starts with decluttering. So, you would not be overwhelmed once you declutter you wardrobe. There would not be any psychological stress. Clutter is not just overwhelming in the physical sense but it also overwhelms us psychologically.

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