Top Black Female Mohawk Hairstyles for Long Hair

Top Black Female Mohawk Hairstyles for Long Hair

everything you wear, whether it’s clothes, accessories, or a hairstyle, carry it with confidence and be bold. If you want to look different in a crowd and seek everyone’s attention, go for something unique like Mohawk hairstyles. Black female Mohawk hairstyles long hair are in trend these days, not just among black people, but across countries. Mohawk hairstyles for black females will go with long and heavy hair is incorrect to say. Whether your hair is soft and silky, short and frizzy, heavy and curly, it doesn’t matter, you will have numerous options in Mohawk hairstyles to try on. And the best part is black female Mohawk hairstyles long hair work in both situations, personal as well professional. You can be innovative and go beyond your comfort zone to try on new Mohawk hairstyles, spiky, soft, or curly styles.

The Mohawk hairstyle came into the picture and attracted people’s attention way back in 1985. A unique twist of style came into the role at that time. This hairstyle took its identity and name from the Iroquois tribe from New York and Quebec. The hairstyle was about crafted spikes dyed in many different colors, the way you like. Mohawk hairstyle came into existence through rebellions to stand apart from the crowd and be authentically recognized from this fake and false world. Mohawk hairstyle became a sign of objection, uprightness, and self-sufficiency for forty-plus years. Some of the best black female Mohawk hairstyles long hair and short hair are:

What does the mohawk hairstyle symbolize?

black female mohawk hairstyles long hair


1- Deviant Mohawk

this hairstyle is often carried by celebrities which makes it a perfect go-to occasion look for like a wedding.

2- Braiding Mohawk

Mohawk can be carried on with different and unique styles, you need to know how to carry it with confidence. Even with braids, you can get the look of Mohawk. Nothing can stop you to try this look on, just wear it with style and you will look no more than gorgeous.

3- Frizzy Mohawk

Haven’t tried the Mohawk hairstyle yet? Start with a curly or frizzy Mohawk hairstyle which gives you a comfy look to wear at parties or on a casual day.

There are tons of other Mohawk hairstyles to try on.

How Do You Maintain a Long Mohawk?

black female mohawk hairstyles with weave


mohawk hairstyle is trending these days, that’s true. However, maintaining it once the hairstyle is done is a task. Carrying on with your routine, day and night, with a Mohawk hairstyle needs proper maintenance. This punk Mohawk hairstyle is an art in itself, an art of shaving your head from both the left and right side and leaving a center spike line on top of your head, and carrying on with your work like a normal day while maintaining your hairstyle. Once you have decided to keep this, follow a few tips and tricks to maintain it elegantly.

Tips to maintain a long Mohawk

- Trim your Mohawk hairstyle on a routine basis from five to six weeks, this gives it a fresh look.
- Just cutting and trimming your hair won’t work. Shampoo and conditioned your spikes once you are done with coloring and cutting to make them look lovely. You can for instance use Dove shampoo plus conditioner.
- To have a perfect spike in the shape you like, apply a drop of good hair gel and mold your spikes in the shape you like.
- Once applied gel, apply good hair spray on it to keep your hairstyle intact for the whole day.
- To give it a final touch, use a blowdryer until your hair is set fully.

7 Ways to Style Black Female Mohawk Hairstyles Long Hair

Black Female Mohawk Hairstyles Long Hair


Long and intrepid hairstyle works as magic in society. If not sure which hairstyle will suit you as a beginner in this, then try out one of the below 7 Mohawk hairstyles for long hair:

1- Fishtail Braid

this hairstyle will go perfectly for small occasions or any fancy event.

2- Centre Braid

got a funky taste in hairstyle? Try out this center braid hairstyle and it will surely be adored by everyone.

3- Frizzy Mohawk with Sides trimmed

not everyone like full long hair. Even bold hair is loved by many. If you like this trimmed hairstyle, go for it and be bold.

4- Colored Hair

want to try something colorful and bold? How about a catchy color like purple hair which is a statement hairstyle matched perfectly with unique jewellery and fashionable dress?

5- Twisted Hair

this hairstyle is famous among black women who love to take a stand for themselves and be proud of who they are. This looks beautiful on them in many ways.

6- Ponytail Mohawk

if you want to have a taste of fairytales, try this fantasy style long ponytail hairstyle that suits every occasion.

7- Braids Mohawk

if you love some comfy tied Mohawk hairstyle, then this Mohawk with braids fits on every occasion types.

Are Mohawks Hard to Maintain?

Mohawks are one of the iconic hairstyles in the world which require confidence, sharpness, and maintenance if you acquire this hairstyle. This hairstyle stands you out from the audience. Having a Mohawk hairstyle is not enough, you need to do some maintenance to keep it fresh and intact. Maintenance like trimming, shampooing, applying gel, blow-dryer it. If not done, then it will start looking like a mess soon enough. For those who love to carry Mohawk hairstyle, and know how to get along with it, there is nothing hard in maintaining it. And beginners who got a Mohawk hairstyle for the first time, need some guidance to main it. In the end, it’s benevolent.


Conclusive Note

The Mohawk hairstyle is not easily forgettable. Once adapted to culture, it will for sure stay in it for a longer period. It first came into the role of rebellion to clear their rights and have a position and a stand in society. So, if you want your point to be loud and clear, go with a bold Mohawk hairstyle and make the right impression. Trust your hairdresser, and go for any Mohawk look that suits your personality. Once done, maintain it properly, soon you will be noticed by people around you.

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