Prom Hairstyles For Black Hair Half Up Half Down: A Complete Guide

Prom Hairstyles For Black Hair Half Up Half Down: A Complete Guide

Looking for the prom hairstyles for black hair in the 2023. you can check the top 10 prom hairstyles right below. Indeed, prom is one of the most exciting times of everyone’s life. High schoolers trying to make memories and enjoy the new beginning of life! The prom night is all about getting into glam and enjoy the evening with your friends. Everyone tries to look their best on prom night. And so, choosing the perfect and simple prom hairstyles for black hair is really important! One of the most elegant and timeless option for prom hairstyles is Half up half down.

If you also have a big night ahead of you then let us help in finding the prom hairstyles for black hair 2023. We will discuss about various choices you can make for your prom night.

How do you style natural hair for prom?

Prom Hairstyles For Black Hair


Let us focus on prom hairstyles for black hair black girl. One of the best ways is to carry your natural hair with a little touch of glam. Here is how you can embrace your natural texture and achieve a stunning half up half-up-half-down look.

  • The very first step is to ensure that you have clean hair. Wash and condition your hair with your favourite or daily hair products. Ensure to lock in the moisture of your hair.
  • Determine where you want to part your hair. The side part, middle part or whatever suits your face cute.
  • If you have curls then detangle them. You can use banding methods, twist-outs or braid-outs for your easy prom hairstyles for black hair.
  • Because we are styling your natural hair keeping half up half down hairstyle in mind, make sure to gather the top portion of your hair and secure the back section using bobby pins. You can either choose to keep a ponytail, or bun or simply leave your hair loose.
  • Lastly, add on some accessories to make them look even prettier. Fix your hair using hairspray.

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Top 10 black girl prom hairstyles ideas and inspiration

There are many options for prom hairstyles for black hair black girl. Such as-

  1. Curly ponytail if you have long hair to allow your curls to shine through the night!
  2. Twist out updo to transform your everyday look with an elegant twist.
  3. Classic afro to embrace the natural texture and curls.
  4. Braided bun to create an elegant and sophisticated look. Bun are always a classic choice to look exceptional on your prom night.
  5. Faux Hawk will give you an edgy and unique style and leave you with a bold choice for the night.
  6. Box braids can be done either in an updo or a half up half down style. Add some bling to make it more beautiful
  7. Halo braid wraps around your head and creates a crown-looking hairstyle.
  8. Wavy goddess braids can be styled and accessorized with beads or clips to get you a most elegant look.
  9. Teeny weeny afro can be your choice for a chic look. Use a headband to make it youthful-looking.
  10. Sleek and straight can be your choice if you want to be different from natural. It will give you a more modern look and can be styled using any accessories.

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How many hours before prom should you get your hair done?

This is really something to consider about. Because timing is really crucial to achieve your desired hairstyle. Having sufficient time to give to your hair is important. Some people often end up counting total makeup hours as hair time which leaves them to very little time for either makeup or hair.

Depending on your hairstyle keep at least three hours in hand for hair. You can start your hair routine three to five hours before your prom begins. Start by styling your hair and allow some extra time to let them settle. Once there are only one to two hours left, your hairstyle should be done and rest of the work can be done in these last hours. Before thirty minutes of your prom, ensure to do a touch -up to maintain a flawless look!

Should I wear my hair up or down for prom?

When it comes to hairstyles for women, the variety is really vast. And the decision of whether you should wear your hair up or down totally depends on your face shape, dress and choice you make. If you decide to wear your hair up then you can easily flaunt the back of your dress. And also stay away from heat. A comfortable way to look chic and elegant is to wear your hair up.

But if you choose to wear your hair down then also it is a win-win situation. Hair down makes you look younger and more elegant. Hair down can improve the all-over look of your dress and your personality.

Now you know how you can carry your hair for the coming prom! Good luck getting all dressed up.

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