Harlem Renaissance Fashion Mens - 10 Harlem Renaisance Ideas

Harlem Renaissance Fashion Mens - 10 Harlem Renaisance Ideas

If you want to know all about the Harlem Renaissance Fashion Mens, and its history, then you are at the right place. This style has always been unique and rare. And today also, famous fashion designers take ideas from this style. This is the perfect example of how style doesn’t go out of fashion.

It was a moment when people in Harlem, New York, showed their creative side. This period was more about freedom through fashion. The best changes were among all was that women began to wear comfortable gowns and men wore elegant suits with vests and bow ties.

African-American males understood how they might make fashion more innovative in the 1920s and 1930s. Fashion enthusiasts may be aware of harlem renaissance fashion 1920s and their significance. So get ready because we are going to look at why people enjoy Harlem Renaissance fashion.

Those who are unfamiliar with Plus size harlem renaissance fashion mens will learn all about how it affected menswear. Let’s explore everything there is to know about this amazing fashion style.

How Did the Harlem Renaissance Influence Fashion Today

harlem renaissance fashion mens


As we know, Harlem Renaissance had a significant impact on fashion. You can also notice that some of its effects can still be seen today. I can bet that you may have spotted fashion collections inspired by Renaissance art in recent years. If you wear Gucci or follow this brand, then you must know that their collection of spring and summer seasons in 2018 was inspired by old paintings. These paintings were from a long time ago, from a period called the Renaissance.

Also, in 2019 many people liked the idea of having an hourglass figure, which means a curvy body with a small waist. Renaissance fashion designers designed clothes to make this shape, and today, people still find it attractive.

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Harlem Renaissance fashion history

What's very cool about this era is how people dressed up. Fashion was important, particularly for African Americans.

People began to wear clothes that allowed them to dance and groove. They stopped wearing old-fashioned, tight clothes that made it difficult to move.  Ladies also got creative and got shorter haircuts.

And, guess what? Men decided to join in on the fun as well. They began to dress up in fancy suits, vests, and bow ties. Accessories were also an important part of the fashion scene. The Harlem Renaissance fashion 1920s was a unique era.

What style of suit did the Harlem men wear?

The suit Harlem men wore was mostly made up of wool and linen. One cool fashion trend back then was the zoot suit. It had a long jacket and baggy trousers. It was really popular among young men at that time. And to complete the look, they wore hats with feathers.

There were more details to their style. Do you know those pocket watches that people wear today? Well, they were a big deal back then too. They hung the watch with a chain outside their suits, not only to check the time but also to add some extra style.

Also, they carried handkerchiefs that matched the color of their suits. These handkerchiefs weren't just for show; they were practical too, like when you need to wipe your hands or face. 

Harlem Renaissance fashion designers played a significant role during this artistic movement in the 1920s. Some famous designers’ names include Zelda Valdes, Willi Smith, Dapper Dan, and Romeo Hunte.

They have contributed in different ways. They tailored stylish suits and eveningwear for men. This makes them look dashing and sophisticated. Also, they made a big impact by blending high fashion with street style.

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10 Reasons to Love Harlem Renaissance Fashion

harlem renaissance fashion mens


Let’s study the reasons for Harlem Renaissance Fashion's popularity and why we love this fashion to date.

  1. 1. Cool Clothes

Harlem Renaissance fashion featured some of the coolest and most stylish clothes of the era, making people stand out with their unique outfits.

  1. Diverse Designs:

People during this time got super creative with their outfits. They used fashion as a way to express themselves and their artistic side.

  1. Plus-size Harlem Renaissance fashion mens

Men of all sizes could find well-fitted suits and Harlem Renaissance fashion mens. And we know that it does promote body positivity and diversity in fashion. All shapes and sizes of a human deserves to be appreciated and including a plus-size option is the best thing done by Harlem Renaissance Fashion.

  1. Dancing Outfits

No one likes to dance in a stiff dress, where you cannot even move. So that's when Harlem made dresses for women that allowed them to move freely.

  1. Stylish Accessories

This style was all about fancy accessories. I would like to inform you that these accessories include feather boas, long pearl necklaces, and stylish headbands. Men's accessories include pocket watches and handkerchiefs that match their suit colors.

  1. Well-tailored suits

Harlem Renaissance Fashion men's suits were made up from wool to linen. This offers the men with diverse options for different occasions.

  1. Cultural Tradition

Culture and fashion go hand-in-hand, right? It gives us a powerful form of cultural expression. This allows African Americans to showcase their creativity and identity through clothing.

  1. Fashion for all

Harlem Renaissance fashion is loved as it has clothing for all.  Also, men and women experimented with clothing styles related to the opposite gender.

  1. Embracing natural beauty

Harlem Renaissance Fashion aimed to encourage people to be proud of how they looked and not try to look stiff and uncomfortable.

  1. Continue to Influence

Even today, you can see the influence of the Harlem Renaissance on fashion. Some designers drew power from that era to create fresh versions of those fashionable designs. It's all about expressing yourself and celebrating your culture via your clothing, just like the Harlem Renaissance.

The Impact of Harlem Renaissance Fashion on Men's Fashion

After knowing about the history of Harlem Renaissance Fashion Men, we can say that it had a great impact on men’s wear. Men in Harlem were famous for their stylish and unique clothing during that period.

Men's fashion during the Harlem Renaissance became more elegant. Fashion has never been about clothes, it is all about expressing yourself. The same goes with Harlem Renaissance Fashion, this style taught men and women to express their personalities.

Overall, it has made a significant impact on men's fashion. It brought back a sense of dressing to what men wore.

 (By: Simran Singh)


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