Top 5 Best Sol de Janeiro Perfumes for Every Occasion

Top 5 Best Sol de Janeiro Perfumes for Every Occasion

Smelling Le body mist The best sol de janeiro scent has recently gone “viral” and its fragrances regularly appear in magazine articles and YouTube channels. The Vegan & Cruelty-free line was previously called Brazil Crush, but was recently renamed Cheirosa and each flavor has a number instead of a name.

Sol De Janeiro was founded by American Heela Yang, inspired by her Brazilian heritage. . The Brazilian word Cheirosa means "always smells delicious" in English and the aromas have many edible fruit notes.

Sol De Janeiro originally became famous for the Bum Bum cream, recommended for wearing a bikini on the beach. More recently, its fragrances have become another flagship of the brand.

Brazilian culture believes that you should always smell good (pronounced sheh-ro-zah) or smell incredibly delicious. It is with this concept in mind that Heela Yang founded the best sol de janeiro scent perfumery with a range of delicious aromas. These fragrances exude an irresistible scent inspired by the beautiful beaches, lively carnival and passionate people of Brazil. Once sprayed, you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Rich with delicate notes and a unique blend, Sol de Janeiro fragrances demonstrate the brand's commitment to excellence and luxurious aesthetics. Its thin and elegant bottles reflect the curves of Brazil's iconic monuments, conveying a sense of refinement and opulence that uniquely complements the fragrance it contains.

Body sprays are definitely having a resurgence thanks to the glorious Y2K trend. Of the sprays I sprayed as a teenager, the best body sprays selected here are like candy: opulent, deliciously delicious, and truly sophisticated. Body sprays from the 2000s are back and are here to stay and enjoy. In short, think nostalgic body sprays from your childhood but with a sophisticated, modern twist.

These soul-invigorating mists and sprays are much lighter, gentler and less concentrated than perfume and provide a wonderful overall scent that isn't overpowering. And the icing on the cake is that the body spray lasts less than the perfume, but it hydrates the skin barrier and creates a beautiful glow. We test body sprays to find the most phenomenal product for you.

Find the best body sprays and expert-led techniques to keep you smelling great.

Which Sol de Janeiro perfume is the best?

best sol de janeiro scent


Perfumes play an important role in a woman's beauty routine. They don't just enhance the exterior: they help shape and strengthen a woman's identity.

The right perfume can boost a woman's confidence and improve her mood. When you wear a perfume you love, it acts as a source of comfort and strength. Perfume is a sensory experience that influences the wearer and her environment. Some scents are also said to evoke feelings of happiness, relaxation or security.

With Sol de Janeiro's incredible aromas, ranging from floral to fruity and warm to sweet, it can be difficult to choose your signature scent. That's why in this blog we have collected the seven best sol de janeiro scent and given you an overview of their properties, main ingredients, advantages and disadvantages.

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What does Sol de Janeiro smell like?

Each A Sol de Janeiro perfume is sustainable and ecological. The brand carefully chooses its ingredients, offers recyclable packaging and partners with wellness communities. Additionally, the formula of each fragrance is cruelty-free. There are no phthalates or plasticizers normally included in the products to make them last longer. The products also do not contain sulfates or parabens.

Plastic containers are made from renewable materials. The boxes are produced using wind turbines to ensure carbon neutrality.

A fragrance for every occasion

Sol de Janeiro perfumes are available in a wide range of scents to help you prepare for different occasions. Whether you're going out for a special occasion, a romantic dinner, or a relaxing day, there's a scent for you. It suits your mood and occasion. Even if you just want to improve your mood, there's a best sol de janeiro scent for winter that will do that for you. Speaking of perfumes: by the way, have you tried the best Victoria's Secret perfumes? We also offer a delightful selection of charming fragrances that give every moment a special charm.

Most recommended perfumes of Sol de Janeiro

Bikini season in Sol de Janeiro
El Sol de Janeiro Bikini Season Mist is part of the Summer 2023 Edition Limited collection The fruity Gourmand aroma is tropical and juicy, capturing the vibe of poolside cabana service. Jérôme Epinette, famous French perfumer, is the nose behind the perfume.

Warm and spicy
Without phthalates

Key ingredients:
Top notes: Guava, Coconut
Middle notes: Lemon, Orchid, Orris
Base notes: Musk, Vanilla

Ideal for the bikini season
Sweet fruity fragrance
Makes you feel fresh and relaxed
A tiny bottle to carry with you


Know about the Poor longevity without a matching cream
Not available in larger sizes

Sol de Janeiro Brazil Crush Cheirosa 68

The Sol de Janeiro 68 perfume has a floral and fruity aroma reminiscent of the lush and sunny gardens of Rio. The seductive scent, embraced with joy, is so enveloping that it will leave you cheerful.

Invigorating and sensual, the fragrance dances with notes of pink pitaya, Brazilian jasmine, sea breeze and a pure touch of tropical vanilla. It is inspired by the Tropicália movement of 1968, which sparked exciting musical and cultural changes in Brazil.

Sol de Janeiro Brasil Crush Cheirosa 40

The Sol de Janeiro 40 perfume adheres like silk to the skin. The fragrance is a warm floral scent and will seduce you with its pure touch of sophisticated sensuality. The intoxicating scent, created by seductive notes of jasmine flowers, vanilla wood and dark amber plum, is warm, sweet and sensual at the same time.

Sol de Janeiro Brazil Crush Cheirosa 71

El Sol de Janeiro Parfum 71 is a lush hair and body fragrance that will leave you feeling fragrant. It provides a delicious feeling of indulgence thanks to its rich and inviting notes of caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia nuts and tonka beans.

Sol de Janeiro Brazil Crush Cheirosa 39

Sol de Janeiro 39 perfume is one of the most delicious perfumes for body and hair. Launched in 2019, it is inspired by the original Brazilian bombshell Carmen Miranda.

Sol de Janeiro Brazil Crush Cheirosa 62

El Sol de Janeiro It all started with the Brazil Crush 62 perfume. With its irresistible and sunny aroma, it is the maximum expression of the Brazilian spirit of the brand. The warm and delicious notes of almond, pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla immediately transport you to the sensual beaches of Rio de Janeiro.


Perfume is an essential aspect of the Brazilian lifestyle. And everyone wants to be perfumed or always perfumed. Sol de Janeiro perfumes are quite viral on social media, inspiring all women to try a perfume or two. Irresistible spray perfumes are rich in warm, soft, floral, gourmand and sweet notes. Without a doubt, the spray can transport you to a tropical vacation in Rio de Janeiro.


Which Sol de Janeiro perfume is the most popular?

The aromas of Sol de Janeiro perfumes are described as warm, tropical and enveloping. They convey the essence of Brazilian paradise. Interesting combinations are:

Even if it were difficult Naming just one of Sol de Janeiro's ~delicious~ aroma sprays as the best: Cheirosa '62 took first place because it perfectly captures the essence of happy summer days.

Is Quelle Sol de Janeiro cream the best against cellulite?

In general, the best anti-cellulite cream on the market is the Brazilian Bum Bum cream from Sol de Janeiro, which stimulates blood circulation in the skin with a high dose of caffeine. Plus, it has a delicious scent and rich texture that absorbs easily. For a more affordable option, consider NIVEA

How long does it take for Brazilian cream to take effect?

So I tried it and applied it twice a day. After about a week, the skin was smoother and the cellulite had become much less visible.

How to use the Sol de Janeiro hair mask?

After After cleansing your hair, apply the mask to wet hair, covering evenly from root to tip, focusing on the ends. Leave for 10 minutes (or more) before rinsing well.

Does Sol de Janeiro use clean ingredients?

Our collection of products that bring joy to the body is PETA certified, cruelty-free and focused on sustainable, ethically sourced products and high quality products. Ingredients. We NEVER use sulfates, phthalates, parabens, mineral oils or microplastics, but we know this is just the beginning of a more environmentally conscious beauty brand.

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