What Celebrities Do To Remove Buccal Fat? Benefits & Tips

What Celebrities Do To Remove Buccal Fat?  Benefits & Tips

Buccal fat is the rounded mass of fat between your cheekbones and jawbones. It is located between facial muscles. The face shape depends on buccal fat. Everyone has different sizes of buccal fat. Some people may have larger buccal fat on their faces. So, it seems to them that they have a round face or baby face. Although, having greater buccal fat is not wrong. But some people like to get it smaller. So, they get buccal fat removal done.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal Fat Removal: Before and After - Richard Zoumalan

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Buccal fat removal is also known by the name buccal lipectomy or cheek reduction surgery. During this surgery, the buccal fat in the cheeks is surgically removed. This leads to thin cheeks. The surgery can be done alone or with other kinds of plastic surgery like facelifts, rhinoplasty, chin implants, lip augmentation, or Botox injections.

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The procedure of buccal fat removal

Buccal Fat Removal in Mumbai – Cost, Before After Results, Risks

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The plastic surgeon will first gather information about your medical conditions: current and past. He will see whether you are taking any medications. He would like to know if you are taking alcohol or tobacco.

During the procedure, you will be given local anesthesia on your face. You will be awake. But you won’t get any pain. There will be an incision on your cheek. There will be pressure placed on the outside of the cheek. This is to expose the buccal fat. The fat will be cut and removed. Using dissolvable stitches, the wound will be closed.

After that, you would be given a mouthwash. This is to prevent infection & listen to your skin. You will be on a liquid diet for some days. Then, you can go for soft foods.

There may be swelling in your face. You may get bruising. But both slowly end as you recover. The recovery takes place in 3 weeks.

Celebrities who got buccal fat removal

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid Then & Now: See How Much Her Face Has Changed Over The Years -  SHEfinds

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Bella Hadid got buccal fat removed. She has transformed in just a few years. She looks beautiful now. Although, she was pretty before the surgery also. But there is something in her face that wasn’t there before the buccal fat removal surgery. Her face is sculpted. She is always ready for the camera. Buccal fat removal is the most radical thing that she has done to her face. It has given her a supermodel status.

Chrissy Teigen

Hollow victory: is the new buccal face lift one step too far?

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She also came up on social media saying that she has got buccal fate removal done. She has a new sculpted cheek area. After that, she has quit drinking. She likes it.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoë Kravtiz's Transformation Continues To Stun Us All - SHEfinds

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Zoe Kravitz has now sharp and defined cheekbones because of buccal fat removal. Her chin is very pointed now. She looks youthful.

Lea Michele

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Because of buccal fat removal, her face looks thinner. It is more sculpted now. Her face has taken a completely different shape in some pictures.

Anya Taylor Joy

Fans Think Anya Taylor-Joy Had Fat Removal Surgery After Seeing Early  Career Photos: 'Why?' - SHEfinds

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There has been a lot of change in her face after buccal fat removal. She was always worried about her image. She was mocked for her appearance. Now she looks very unusual. She looks attractive because of the surgery.

Eiza Gonzalez